Quick Announcements:

  • Many of you enjoyed our new check-in process at the last FIESTA event. Update your profile here. Reply to this email if you have any questions or need help.
  • Do you read any newsletters that would benefit our community? Make your recommendations HERE.
  • ATTN founders: Are you needing some marketing help? One of our community members, Courtney, is offering afree 15min Marketing consultation! You can schedule time with her here.

Upcoming Events:

Next week is FIESTA! You can sign up here. We hope to see you there!

Are you in the mood to network? 🍻 You can find the time and dates for other networking events on the FIESTA calendar.

Member News 🎉:

Last week we hosted our first Female Founder’s Lunch & Learn with Founder's Institute Female Founder Initiative. It was an incredible afternoon spent with 20 amazing women. Everyone enjoyed the insightful information shared by Tiana Laurence, a local VC, entrepreneur, and author of three books.

If you are a female founder and would like to attend the next one or be connected with other female founders, simply reply to this email and we will add you to the closed Slack group.

Job Opportunities:

  • Zain Mehmood: “I am looking for a rockstar UI/ UX designer for design audit + ongoing design support.”
  • Ethan Baehrend: “We're hiring 1 Software, 1 Firmware, and 1 Hardware. Starting pay is greater than $80k for each position, increases by 50% after the first year (& can continue doing so at the same percentage following years,) has a variety of benefits, has performance-based rewards, and stock options.”

Do any of these roles seem like a good fit? Or are you wanting to post a job? If so, message Zain or Ethan directly in Slack and feel free to post jobs in #job-opportunity. If you aren’t in the Slack group, reply to this email to gain access.

Helpful Resources:

  • Marketing Examples is hands down THE BEST and most helpful Marketing newsletter. You’re welcome.
  • TRUiC is a great resource for entrepreneurs. In fact, 250,000+ entrepreneurs started their businesses in the US using their free guides and AI-Powered tools. 🤓


Help us better serve you and other startup founders by sharing ideas about how we can improve the event or this newsletter. Simply reply to this email with your thoughts. We reply to every email. 🎉

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