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Quick Announcements 📢:

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Upcoming Events 📅:

Next week in the startup community, there’s an Open Coffee at Houndstooth on Thursday, a Wine O’Clock Happy Hour, and you can walk Town Lake with good company and a cup of joe on Saturday! ☕️ Check out the FIESTA calendar for details.

Member News 🎉:

  • Shoutout to Destin George Bell with, who won a pitch competition today! He’s also a semifinalist for Black Ambition’s $1M prize competition and will be part of their Futuristic program for twelve weeks of programming, networking, and investment help!
  • Colby Harvey with Rizse won the 3rd Annual LGBTQ+ Tech Summit Pitch competition hosted yesterday at Capital Factory! This is an amazing accomplishemnt.
  • The Savimbo Project, founded by Drea Burbank, was accepted into Sputnik’s 10th cohort!

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Job Opportunities 💸:

  • Brianna Kilcullen is looking for a sales/ops/finance counterpart to help bring her startup baby, Anact, to their $1M sales milestone. If you (or know of anyone) are interested - send her a DM!

Do you have any job opportunities you’d like to share? Post in the #job-opportunity Slack group. Don’t have access? Reply to this email.

Request for Help 👋🏼:

  • Justin Johnson: “Does anyone have a good recommendation for setup/campaign strategy on google ads?” Message him in Slack.
  • Jane Endacott: “I am a Content Creator for purpose-driven brands. I am open to work creating content for social media, websites, and email campaigns.” You can visit her portfolio here or send her an email.
  • Courtney Werner - “I am looking for a general contractor in the Austin area for a home project!” If you know of anyone, please send her an email.

Helpful Resources 💫:

  • We are working on a directory of helpful resources for founders. If you’d like to contribute your favorite newsletter, please take a moment to share it here. This directory should be completed soon, and we can’t wait to share it with you!
  • Are you a startup looking for some actionable insights? Give Startup Savants a listen. FIESTA and KOYA were featured on the show a couple of months ago, and the team was incredible.

Special Offers by Founders for Founders 🚀:

Do you have any special offers that you’d like to offer the FIESTA community? Reply to this email.

Special thanks to TRUiC, Pro Colombia, KOYA, and TWO12 for making FIESTA’s July event possible!

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