July 2022

Quick Announcements:

  • Special thanks to TRUiC, Pro Colombia, KOYA, and TWO12 for making FIESTA’s June event possible!
  • Many of you enjoyed our new check-in process at FIESTA. Update your profile and add an optional profile photo here. For those that attended the event, you can also sign in to explore the community and make connections. It looks like this:

  • Shoutout to Lucie Repova at Iris, Matthew Howell at Fancy Awesome, and Josh Arceo at Arkus for making the most connections at the FIESTA event. 🎉 You are rockstars!
  • Brianna Kilcullen, with Anact (sustainable towels), is offering FIESTA members 15% off their products. Use the code ANACTFIESTA at checkout.
  • ATTN founders: TRUiC is asking our community to listen to their podcast, Startup Savants, and provide feedback. Give it a listen here. P.S… providing feedback puts you on their radar as a potential podcast guest.

Upcoming Events 📅:

Next week in the startup community, there’s a CPG event with Marc Nathan, a Monthly VIRTUAL Behavioral Mixer, and a new startup jogging group that meets on Saturdays. 👟 Check out the the FIESTA calendar for details.

Member News 🎉:

  • Zainab Ghadiyali, founder at Eat Cook Joy, prepared their one thousandth meal this week!
  • This month, Maxine Cunningham, founder of Pick My Brain, attracted 250 new users organically and signed 2 new partnerships!
  • Alex Porter at Mod Tech Labs is a Finalists for TiE Austin Women's Pitch!
  • Cat and Fernanda Sampson-Gómez launched pre-orders for Celzo this week!

Do you have any news you’d like to share? Reply to this email or post in the #celebration channel in our Slack group.

Job Opportunities:

  • Paul O’Brien: QA / Design professional akin to a product manager, experienced with SaaS and platform releases, user experience optimization, and managing waterfall and lean startup development.
  • Paul O’Brien: Full stack WordPress developer and designer.

Do any of these opportunities sound like a good fit? DM Paul O’Brien in Slack. Don’t have access? Reply to this email.

Helpful Resources:

  • We created an entire database of resources for you here.
  • Startup Savants is an incredible podcast for founders. Give it a listen here and provide feedback for a chance to be considered as a podcast guest.
  • Are you struggling to get your first 100 users? First 100 Users is an amazing resource.

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