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Quick Announcements 📢:

  • 🎉 FIESTA is this Tuesday, August 23rd! ! Skip the line and pre-register here.  
  • Don’t forget to scroll down to see special offers for founders by founders. There are a lot of cool things in there this week!
  • Pitches for August and September are  filled! You can sign up for October or November.

Upcoming Events 📅:

Next week in the startup community, there’s a free pitch workshop with Wen Zhang, our monthly FIESTA event, and Wake Up CPG. Check out the FIESTA calendar for details.

Member News 🎉:

Do you have any news you’d like to share? Reply to this email or post in the #celebration channel in our Slack group. We’d love to celebrate with you!

Founder Story 📚:

Uni was our hope when there was none. In the middle of COVID 2020, my partner and I were just two musicians from NC living out of our car in LA with a dream to be more. Out of passion for music and a distaste for the current music industry, Uni was born as a rebellion against a timeless stigma, ‘the starving artist.’. We believe that artists, musicians specifically, shouldn’t have to struggle to make a living. In fact, they should be compensated appropriately for the position that is theirs, cultural leaders!”

The Uni team is seeking strategic partners. If their mission resonates, we encourage you to reach out.

Job Opportunities 💸:

Do you have any job opportunities you’d like to share? Post in the #job-opportunity Slack group. Don’t have access? Reply to this email.

Request for Help 👋🏼:

  • Chris Cownden: “I have started a new role, and it’s my first sales role. I’m a complete novice and out of my depth but working with a supportive team who are patient and want to help me succeed in my role. What advice do you have or resources you recommend I look at to put me in the best direction? I’m feeling way out of my depth, but I know in order to be better, I need challenges like this. Thanks in advance.” You can send Chris a message here.

Helpful Opportunities / Resources 💫:

  • Jeffrey Biles: “ I bought a huge house in round rock, and I have a couple of bedrooms to fill. Preferably with other ambitious people. We have lots of common areas, two fridges (prevent 90% of roommate fights), a dedicated coffee area, a nice weight set in the garage, and bedrooms big enough that you can set up a little home office and a queen-sized bed.” If you’d like more information, you can send Jeffrey a message here.
  • Are you a startup looking for some actionable insights? Give Startup Savants a listen.
  • Are you a technical founder who loves building and creating a business but is not sure where to start in your pitching & fundraising journey? The INNW Accelerated Pitch Bootcamp is taking applications for their 4-week Pitch Intensive. They help you build your elevator pitch, investor, and sales pitch in 4 weeks or less, so you can focus on what you do the best, creating the best company in the world while getting yes from investors or customers. Learn more and apply today.

Special Offers by Founders for Founders 🚀:

  • Caryn Werner, one of the co-founders of FIESTA, is offering a steal of a deal for headshots and product shots. You can view her work here and sen her an email here. Mention FIESTA to get $50 off.
  • Wen Zhang is offering a free pitch workshop on Monday, August 22, at 5:30 pm. Sign up here.  

Do you have any special offers that you’d like to offer the FIESTA community? Reply to this email.

Special thanks to TRUiC, Pro Colombia, KOYA, INNW, and TWO12 for making FIESTA’s July event possible!

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