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Finding the perfect gift for your clients, employees, or family can be a daunting task. If you're struggling to come up with the perfect gift, look no further. This gift guide was created and sourced by the FIESTA community. Happy shopping!

1. ☀️ SunShader is the anti-glare laptop sun shade, heat shield, splash shade & privacy screen for laptops that will set you free. Use code FIESTA for 30% off our latest version, 2.5.

2. Secret Whiteboard is a stylish art frame that opens like a book to reveal a hidden recessed magnetic whiteboard inside. Finally, you can have the whiteboard of your dreams without sacrificing your space or decor. For 10% off your order! Use code FIESTA10.

3. Versatile and accessible, gift Anact Towels. These towels will be their go to bath towel no matter where their next adventure is: surfing at the beach, shredding in the gym, relaxing in the bath. Beautifully made, spa quality towels loved by your skin and loved by all.

4. Are you not sure what to gift? Use KOYA to send a personal message with a gift card. You can also use the scheduling feature to make sure your gift arrives at the right day and time. From $5- $500, choose the gift that shows your appreciation best!

5. Powderful adaptogen and mushroom supplement is the perfect coffee alternative, and a delicious way to start your day with added Zinc to support your body on the inside! Use the code FIESTA15 for 15% off your purchase.

6. Heralogie Period Underwear = Hassle-free Periods. True comfort. No leaks. Peace of mind. Made from Trees. FIESTA22 will allow for 20% off 1-2 pairs.

7. Mirage shampoo powder. Waterless means less waste, no nasty chemicals, and your best hair ever. This holiday season, gift Powder-to-Lather Shampoos that are good for you and the planet. Members can use code FIESTA for 15% off their purchase.

8. festivalPass -Gift your special someone (or yourself) a year of Unforgettable Live Event Experiences. Over 80,000 live events to choose from including all top festivals, concerts, comedy, sporting events and more including room nights at over 600,000 hotels globally. Annual Passes available from - $210 - 1,080 (Includes credits to redeem for tickets) Use Code: FIESTA for an extra 10% off your gift purchase.

9. Creation Crate - Explore hands-on courses delivered to your door. Use FIESTA for a $20 discount on STEM hands-on courses delivered to your door.

10. Lucy Jane's Cookie jar- Send quality gluten-free, homebaked cookies over the holidays. While these cookies might be free of Gluten, they are definitely full of flavor!

We hope this guide has been helpful. If you'd like to know the founders behind the products, reply to email us and we will make introductions!

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