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Quick Announcements 📢:

  • Save the date (October 11th) to attend an exclusive, invite-only event for investors and venture fundable founders. You don't want to miss this opportunity. Use this link to be added to the list!
  • There are a lot of special offers by founders for founders! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom.

Upcoming Events 📅:

ATTN anyone that is female-identifying: The October 3rd Female Founders, FUNders, & Friends Gathering 3rd event is sold out, but there is a waitlist. For future female-focused event invites be sure to  sign up here for invites.

Member News 🎉:

  • Shoutout to Kimber Falkinburg, who will participate in Women in Tech Fireside Chat: Connections to Community! We are cheering you on, Kimber!
  • Wen Zhang recently shared her big idea with TEDx Southlake! We cannot wait until it’s released.
  • Sidney Collin, CEO of De Oro Devices, was interviewed by Cory McKane about how NeStride helps re-trains the brain for people with parkinson's - helping them learn to walk again. You can watch the full interview on YouTube.

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Founder Story 📚:

Meet Destin George Bell, founder, and CEO of, a gamified fitness app taking boring, unmotivating cardio & transforming it into a fun, social, addictive game of team turf war.

”During quarantine, I, like many others, struggled with finding the motivation to go outside and stay active. Faced with running by myself or not doing any cardio, I decided not to do any - however, I knew that wasn't the best for my health, and it made me wonder how I could create fun around cardio the same way activities like basketball & HIIT workouts do.

Thinking about platforms that have accomplished this, my first thought came to Pokemon Go, and it made me wonder: "Could one duplicate the Pokemon Go experience for a cardio fitness app?"

After moving from my home in KY, jobless and broke, I continued thinking through the idea, talking to dozens of people to learn more about what they like or dislike about cardio, what motivates them, and how they get their cardio. After months of this research and pitching executives at Map My Run, Adidas, and Pokemon Go, I finally believed I found the answer to my question: A giant game of team turf war through outdoor cardio!

Users can join or create a team with their best friends or favorite communities and turn any outdoor movement tracked in the app into areas of town you can claim and steal from other players.”

If Destin’s story resonates with you, you can sign up for the beta & reach out if you're interested in forming a custom team.

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Job Opportunities 💸:
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Request for Help 👋🏼:

  • Raja Sampathi: “I'm looking to sublet my Austin Downtown highrise apartment from Oct 15 - Jan 31, 2023. That is the actual view from the patio on the 18th floor, you are practically on the trail.The building has rooftop pool, gym and skydeck area with grills. You can see it here.” If this interests you, you can reply to Raja here.

Helpful Opportunities / Resources 💫:

  • Morrison Foerster (MoFo) is offering a free nine-part series on the legal side of founding a startup. This weekly Wednesday Seminar (beginning October 5th) will arm you with the knowledge needed to manage the legal aspects of launching, funding, and growing a startup, with insights to avoid common mistakes that can have serious consequences down the road. Lunch will be provided, free parking, and please note that the topic titles are also the registration links found on the google calendar.
  • The Notley Fellowship is a two-year professional development cohort-based program that helps rising leaders move from passion to action while creating a sustainable impact in their local community.  You must be 40 or younger to apply. Applications are now open through December 1, 2022, for the next Fellow classes in both Austin and San Antonio.

Special Offers by Founders for Founders 🚀:

  • The Secret Whiteboard is a must-have for every hustler. Use Coupon code: FIESTA10 for 10% off your order.
  • Shankar Arul: “Hey everyone, we recently helped out a fellow Fiesta member save some money on their medical bill. If anyone needs help negotiating their bill, message me!”
  • Are you looking for a solution to help you retain your customers and employees?  KOYA is offering the FIESTA community 40% off an annual plan. Curious to learn more? Email Caryn and she will help you get started.
  • Courtney Werner: “If you need help with website conversions, getting free press for your startup, email drip campaigns, launching your product on Product Hunt, or even strategy for an upcoming holiday campaign, I’m offering founders 60-minute marketing strategy sessions for $75 (My hourly rate is normally $150). You will leave these sessions with an actionable plan to help you achieve your KPIs. I know what it’s like to work with a shoestring budget and would love to help.” Message Courtney hereor schedule time with her here.

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Special thanks to Pro Colombia, KOYA, INNW, and Evisio for making FIESTA’s October event possible!

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