April 2022

If you're new here, welcome to the community! Learn more about us and connect to the ATX Tech community at or you can also follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

We Aim To:

  • Connect you with peers and community builders serving the startup ecosystem (event organizers, helpful networking opportunities, accelerators, service providers, etc.)
  • Welcome you with warm southern hospitality.
  • Share helpful and invaluable resources.
  • Support and encourage you on your journey.

Mark your calendars, we hope to see you at our May 17th event!


Meeting new people before the event starts

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to our April 9th FIESTA event!

A special thank you for those who helped. We couldn't do this without you!

If you're interested in helping volunteer and seeing FIESTA continue to grow, please reply to this email with your name and number.

Many thanks to everyone who went through the check-in process! We had 240 attendees check-in, which helps us prepare for future events and secure sponsorships.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in sponsoring FIESTA, simple reply to this email or email Cherie directly and we will send over our sponsorship package.

Here is the link for the photos from the evening!

Community Member Highlights

Mitchel Dumlao

- Founder - Creative Haven
- B2B video production
- 1st FIESTA event
- Invited by a friend


- US Capital Wealth Advisors
- 1st FIESTA event
- Her boyfriend found out on meetup


- Entrepreneur - Computer Repair
- 5th FIESTA event
- Heard about FIESTA from a computer client
- Likes it, but feels it's a "chaotic mess"
- Created his stovetop hat with contact information to streamline connections

Bailey Nelson

- Founder - Seed and Stem Learning Center
- 1st FIESTA event
- Heard about it from the Capital Factory
- Wishes there were more women, or a women’s focused event.

Community Testimonies

"It's such an amazing function! Not only was it my first time in the US, but it was also my first time joining an accelerator, and my first time being an entrepreneur.

When you put all that together, it was a pretty daunting experience.

But, your FIESTA events, as well as your willingness to advertise the events of others, meant that I was instantly able to connect with a whole community of like-minded people that made me feel so at home! As well, being able to pitch to an audience was a first for me and a great experience.

Thank you for hosting FIESTA, it really made Austin a great experience for me!"

Warm regards,
–Luke D. from the UK

"Being a sponsor exceeded my expectations, I met several people who are interested in our funding round, as well as acquiring lots of users by doing my short pitch."

–Vlogmi Founder


We greatly appreciate our April sponsors and encourage you to check them out:
Corporate Sponsors:

Brex offers corporate cards and business accounts designed for the next generation of business, with refreshingly easy deposits, payments, unsecured high limit credit cards, and expense management software. All for free.
Capital Factoryis the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas.

Service Provider Sponsor:
Russell Ng PLLC Brian Russell is a registered patent attorney with 27 years of experience helping startups to large companies identify and protect their IP assets. His technical expertise spans computing hardware and software (e.g., apps), communication systems, and mechanical devices.

In-Kind Services provided by:
Texas Beer Co. is brewing delicious, locally sourced beer that makes Texans proud.

Community Member Sponsor(s)
GoodMatch is turning overwhelm into empowerment. GoodMatch enables you to discover nonprofits that support causes you care about.Disrupting the $470 billion US charitable giving industry.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! We are excited to see everyone next week at our May 17th event!

As a reminder, FIESTA welcomes and connects founders, entrepreneurs, and Austin newcomers to those serving the startup community (event organizers, helpful networking opportunities, accelerators, service providers, etc.) and making resources accessible and transparent via the FIESTA website.

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