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As we end another year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we've accomplished together and express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and collaboration. This community wouldn’t exist without you!

We're proud of our community, and we're excited to continue growing together.


  • We hosted over 20 events (Meetups, Co-working, Female Founders, AVA, Startup Week, and Friendsgiving in 2022) compared to six Meetups in 2021.
  • We enjoyed 13 meals around our dining room table, with many in the startup community.
  • The FIESTA Meetup group grew 124% from 1,825 members to 4,100+ members.
  • We started sharing our events on Eventbrite in Q3 and have around 100 followers.
  • The FIESTA Slack group grew 305%, from 212 members to 850+.
  • Our weekly newsletter did not exist last year, but is now sent to 2,000+ community members weekly.
  • We had over 15 generous sponsors that partnered with us in 2022!

Other highlights include launching the FIESTA Website in Q1, incorporating as an LLC in Q2,  hosting an unofficial SXSW event with Meetup CEO David Siegel, and the formation of the monthly Female Founders & Friends group in July.  

While these highlights are tremendous, what excites us the most about 2022 is knowing that several founders received funding after pitching at FIESTA and others found co-founders, advisors, and lifelong friends. Helping founders has always been our goal, and we look forward to hearing more stories like this in 2023.

So as we say goodbye to 2022, please help us understand how we can better serve you by taking 5 minutes to respond to this survey. Thank you for the 30+ responses we've already received.

Our next Meetup is on January 17th and every following 3rd Tuesday. You can RSVP at Meetup orEventbrite. If you want to be considered to pitch, the 2023 signup to pitch form is now up!  Please take a moment to read the guidelines before signing up.



P.S…If this community has benefitted you and you’d like to give back, please fill out this form to become a FIESTA Super Hero.

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