2021 Recap

Remember, we are skipping the December meeting.

I encourage you to be present, connect with family & friends, and enjoy the holidays. 🎄 We look forward to seeing you on January 18, 2022, and every third Tuesday during 2022!

Here’s how you can say connected and keep informed between gatherings:

Join the Slack Group. In Slack, find the pinned item in the #events channel which is a link to the FIESTA Google calendar,  your guide to important events, deadlines, and fun happening in the tech community and Austin. Do you enjoy FIESTA? Invite others to join you at our next Meetup on January 18th!

A few highlights from the past five months and our beginnings


  • The first community event was hosted On June 15, 2021, at Easy Tiger. Many invited were folks we met on Lunchclub or new to Austin. We had between 30-40 in attendance. Pretty good for a first meetup! Through this experience, I discovered that bringing people together was my passion! .


  • Cherie took over a local Meetup group, Austin Early Stage Startup Founders. It was a vibrant and fun group without leadership and days away from folding after five years. The group had just over 1,000 members. We renamed the group to Founders and Newcomers of Austin - Where Connections Happen.
  • KOYA Innovations is a top-tier sponsor.  Stay joyfully connected to family, friends, and clients by delivering relational messages at the right time & place.
  • The center of gravity for entrepreneurs, Capital Factory, is another top-tier sponsor and home for our meetups.


  • Changed the group name to FIESTA 🎉 Founders, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Techies, Austin Newcomers.
  • Lunchclub became another top-tier sponsor.
  • This month, we added 168 new members and had 68 attendees at the Meetup.



  • The FIESTA community grew to over 1,500 members.🤩
  • The Slack group has over 100 members
  • 100 attendees were at our October Meetup


  • 150+ attendees were at our November Meetup
  • Meetup’s CEO, David Siegel reached out after hearing about FIESTA. Hear the origin story of FIESTA  on The Joy of Connecting People
  • Texas Beer Co. 🍻 provided several cases of beer for our November event. Do you know of anyone else that would like to sponsor our monthly gathering? Send me an email.

Benefits and The Bottom Line

The FIESTA community has grown to 1,756 members in six months and our Slack group increased by 90%, with 190+ members.  We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

  • We’ve had over 50 companies present. Shout out to Grant Dever, our first presenter back in July!  
  • One company had investors follow up after they presented in October.
  • Here’s a list of many of the companies that presented in 2021: Free Water, Gumdrop, UpGlow, Potiere, Wrexx, Pleb Industries, Secret White Board, Shrike Medical, dolo, TrailerHub, Vlogmi, Samadhi, Gitty, Betafits, ZALOA Languages, Mystic AI, KOYA, Combplex, Fitt Finder, Widget Terminak, Draper House, Vives, Cardiiio, 10X, Penhome, Vinder, Maxenie Microgreens, Accelerate 3D, Gum, and others.
  • Several beneficial connections have been made:
  • Maxen’s Microgreens after being introduced to Vinder partnered with the Vinder App to deliver their products to the Austin area.
  • Gumdrop was acquired by Vlogmi
  • Cardio.io found one of their advisors at FIESTA
  • Several November presenters caught the attention of the Draper House co-founders.
  • We’d be thrilled to hear of any stories that have resulted from attending FIESTA. You can share them with us here.

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

~Winston Churchill

A huge thank you to the following volunteers: Jon, Caryn, & Courtney Werner, Jordan Price, Abril Flores, Alex Dzierbicki, Zoe Schmitt, Rodolfo Schmitt, Thomas Hsieh, Rafaella Thorssen, Jacob Fry, Charles Martin, Kanishka Desai, Eric Lee, Devin Ambron, Matt Young, Mallory Gold, Eric Grafstrom, and please forgive me if I accidentally left you off.

Exciting ventures ahead for 2022  🥳 We hope you will join us.

  • Be on the lookout for a FIESTA website, member-only benefits, plus much more.
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