What is FIESTA?
What is FIESTA? F.I.E.S.T.A. is short for Founders, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Techies, and Austin Newcomers. We created FIESTA as a way to help startup founders/ entrepreneurs/ newcomers feel welcomed, find a place of belonging, and receive the help/resources they need.
Thank you for choosing to be part of Austin's fastest growing startup community. We are currently 5k+ members strong!
How FIESTA started?
Austin is the nation's fastest growing city. In fact, 150 people continue to move here nearly every day. As a growing tech hub, many of these new residents are entrepreneurs or founders. During COVID lockdown, these new Austin residents became isolated. Seeing an opportunity, FIESTA was created in July 2021 when COVID restrictions began lifting.
Being a founder/entrepreneur can be a lonely and arduous journey. The same is true for being new to a city. Meeting together allows everyone to grow professionally and personally.
Welcome to FIESTA and Austin, TX, a place of belonging and southern hospitality. Thank you for choosing to be part of the FIESTA community.
meet our team
We started KOYA as a family in 2018 and learned a lot. Through this shared experience, we decided to create FIESTA. It's our desire to provide resources that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey.
Everyone's BFF
I like to invest my time and energy making things that help people.
Super Connector
I am an extrovert, connector, community builder, lifelong learner.
Endlessly Curious
On a mission to make the world more meaningfully connected
Professional Optimist
International humanitarian photographer turned tech founder.
Enhancing the human experience with technology
Our Mission
Our Mission is to connect startup founders to the "community builders" serving the startup ecosystem. These community builders include event organizers, networking events, accelerators & incubators, service providers, VCs, and more
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